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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a waiver?

Yes, waivers are a requirement for all buying admission or just the jumping socks. Over 18+ must sign their own waivers and can’t be included as a child, and Under 18 must be signed by an adult, guardian, or accompanying adult. Waivers are best completed online prior to arriving: Click Here to Register a Waiver

Waivers must be completed prior to check-in. Once you are completed and receive an email confirmation, you may check-in. Waivers are good for at least one year from the signed date.

What if my waiver is expired?

Waivers are only good one year after its signed date, so they must be resigned in order to be valid again. You must go online and use the password you created to resign. If you forget the password, you can use the “Forgot Password” button or ask a Front Desk agent to reset your password.

Use this link to resign a Waiver

Do I need special socks?

Yes, you need to have trampoline grade socks aka jump socks. They can be purchased at the desk and are reusable. If you have jump socks from another park, you may use them.

What does an admission ticket include?

All play areas which are basketball, dodgeball, playground, ninja course, rock climb, bumper ball, parkour, trampoline court, zipline, battle beam, foam pit, ball pit, slides, log roll, bridge & Block Castle and the new harness zone.

Does admission include the new harness zone?

Yes, the new harness zone is included within your admission.

Are arcades included in admission?

No. Arcade cards must be purchased separately. If you purchased it with admission, you are entitled to a special discount pricing.

Do arcade cards expire?

No, they do not. Credits can also be reloaded through our kiosks via cash or card.

Why aren’t the tickets coming out of the machine?

All earned tickets have been converted to a digital format. They will be tied to the card that was originally swiped and can be seen either at the redemption counter or the red kiosks.

What is that obnoxious beeping that’s heard often on the weekends?

Those are likely the massage chairs located around the park for customers. These chairs do require payment and will begin to beep very loudly if it doesn’t receive payment after a certain period of time. If you do not wish to pay for the massage chairs, we offer non-massage chair seating located all around the park.

Are all ages welcome?

Yes! There is no age limit or age restriction. We ask that you supervisor all your jumpers and watch our for little jumpers.

Do toddlers get a special price?

Yes! We welcome little jumpers. Must be 42″ and under to qualify for special pricing. Height will be checked at front desk.

Do parents of toddlers jump for free?

No. Every jumper must pay for admission. If you are the parent of a toddler and only need to follow your toddler around to supervise and ensure safety, but will not be playing or jumping – we do not charge parents or guardians to follow, but you are required to wear jump socks.

Is there a weight limit?

Yes, the limit is 250lbs.

What are ‘All Day’ passes?

These are passes available for use Monday to Sunday for $35. These passes are valid from opening time to closing time. Re-entry is  allowed as long as you still have the wristbands on.


Are walk in parties allowed?

Yes, you may walk in and book a party under one of the valid party packages. Parties may be booked the same day depending on availability. Due to same-day booking, a party host may not be guaranteed.

I booked a party for 10+ Package, but have more jumpers than 19. Can I move to the 20+ Package?

Yes, we can adjust the pricing but the room is not always guaranteed and is strictly based on what is available that day. If you believe you will have more than 20 jumpers and will need a larger room to accommodate, it is strongly encouraged you book for 20+ or change to the 20+ as soon as possible.

I booked a party and need to add more kids. Do I need to do that in advance?

You do not need to add more kids in advance unless you cross into a different package. Example: You have 20 kids and have a 10+ package booked. The final check in count will be checked before paying the final party balance.


What is ‘double-jumping’?

‘Double-jumping’ is a common safety violation in every trampoline park. ‘Double-jumping’ occurs when two or more jumpers are jumping within the same trampoline pad. All trampoline pads are designed for only one jumper at a time, and jumping within the same trampoline may result in sprained, broken or fractured limbs or other severe injuries. All of our court-monitors are trained to enforce this rule for the safety of all jumpers.

What are some other rules for each activity/station?

Other Court & Park rules are posted throughout the park and directly near their station. All jumpers are expected to follow these rules and our court-monitors will enforce the rules for safety purposes.


Is there a safety video?

Jump at your own risk ~ and most of all – be respectful, kind & have a great time!

Open Jump Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
3 pm - 9 pm

12 pm - 9 pm

12pm - 9 pm

10 am - 10 pm

10 am - 9pm

Location & Contact

(207) 783-3888

40 East Avenue
Lewiston, ME 04240